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02/14/2012 2.2 MB Jim Barborak
Brochure in Spanish on CSU's annual protected area short course, to be held 11 July -12 August 2012; deadline for applications is 2 March 2012.
02/14/2012 2.3 MB Jim Barborak
Brochure in English on CSU's 2012 Protected Area Short Course, given in Spanish; please distribute to your networks! Deadline for applications is 2 March 2012. Thanks.
02/14/2012 25 MB Patrick Triplet
Manual for managing african french-speaking protected areas. Written by 95 specialists of 22 countries.
02/11/2012 11.7 MB Patrick Triplet
A manual for monitoring and management of birds and their habitats on coastal zones. In french.
02/11/2012 1.2 MB Patrick Triplet
This book deals with the translation of techniques of management of enterprises to protected areas.
01/26/2011 7.4 MB Jamison Ervin
Module on enabling policy environment lesson 1
10/24/2010 19 MB Dan Paleczny
I have offered a few comments related to business planning and volunteers.
10/11/2010 19 MB Todd Slater
09/01/2010 4 MB Jamison Ervin
Appropriate technology -- module 10 (PoWPA Goal 3.3)
08/11/2010 8.4 MB Jamison Ervin
Lessons 1 and 2 for Module 3.5 (communication, education and awareness)
08/03/2010 5.1 MB Jamison Ervin
Module 1.4 (management planning) Lesson 3
08/03/2010 8.7 MB Jamison Ervin
Module 1.4, Lesson 2
08/03/2010 1.2 MB Jamison Ervin
Module 1.4 (management planning) lesson 1
07/16/2010 1014.5 KB Jamison Ervin
Draft module for PoWPA Goal 2.2 on participation
07/06/2010 67 KB Svetlana Kopylova
Dear colleagues, Here is the brief description and outline for Module 3.2 on Capacity building for your review and comments. Thanks for your assistance!
06/28/2010 24.5 KB Dan Paleczny
This file contains an outline for the three modules, prepared by Paul Gray and I. We would appreciate your input and examples of research strategies for PA systems and sites. thanks, Dan (
06/28/2010 26 KB Dan Paleczny
This working file contains the outline for 3 lessons by Dan and Khaled. Comments welcome. Dan
06/25/2010 172.5 KB Jamison Ervin
Workbook of exercises for Module 1.2 on protected area integration, to accompany the e-learning module. Feedback welcome.
06/23/2010 908 KB Jamison Ervin
The 3rd and last lesson for module 1.1 (ecological gap assessment)
06/09/2010 10.5 MB Jamison Ervin
Lesson 2 of Module 1: Ecological gap assessment

Protected Areas and Capacity
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